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Our Location

9 South Pine Road, Alderley QLD 4051

Phone: 07 3856 2144


About us

A warm, friendly and welcoming dental practice

We are conveniently located on South Pine Road in Alderley BrisbaneAlderley Dental is conveniently located at the beginning of South Pine Road in Alderley.

We are open late on Monday and Tuesday to 6pm and Thursdays to 8pm.

We are also open for a half day on Saturday for your convenience.

Our practice has plenty of free patient parking.

Our mission statement

Dr. Robert Zhang and the staff of Alderley Dental are committed to building a lasting dental care relationship you can trust in. SMILES FROM YEAR TO YEAR.

We welcome all our patients with the same approachability and genuine care.We take this statement to heart and are dedicated to giving our patients the best service we can offer throughout their life. From initial contact through continued treatment, we will work to educate you, to accommodate you, and to exceed your expectations. We understand the value of a patient’s trust and intend to earn that trust through attentive and personalised service.

Our practice staff are dedicated, professional and caring. Every member of our team who you encounter will strive to give you first class service when you and your family visit us.

Leading our front office team

Meet Amy - our Practice ManagerMeet Amy – our Practice Manager. Amy will ensure you receive the highest levels of communication and service at our surgery. She is dedicated to running a professional dental practice and will ensure that everything runs smoothly on your visit.

If you have any questions, complaints or compliments about our service, please feel free to speak to Amy and she will ensure that your concerns or suggestions are addressed as we strive to provide the best quality dental care for you.

We know that running a successful business requires constant improvement and we strive to make every visit better than the last. Through the implementation of new technologies or improved work practices, we are always looking to make our practice the best it can be. You can call Amy on (07) 3856 2144 if there is any aspect of your dental care that is of concern to you.

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