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Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Information about health funds and dental health insurance

Alderley Dental now bulk bills eligible patients under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (also known as CDBS).

Alderley Dentist Bulk Bill Child Dental Benefits ScheduleThe Australian Government’s Department of Human Services launched this dental benefits scheme in January 2014 in conjunction with Medicare.

Medicare is no longer providing Medicare Teen Dental Vouchers, however, this new scheme does cover eligible children between the ages 2-17 to have access to basic dental treatments.

These services include:

CDBS does not include major dental treatment such as orthodontics or crowns. This benefit allows for up to $1000 per child over a two year calendar period.

Booking your bulk billed appointment

If you have any enquiries about Alderley Dentist Bulk Bill, want to check your child’s eligibility or would like to make an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us on (07) 3856 2144. If you wish your child to be bulk billed under the CDBS then please inform us at the time of making the booking.