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CEREC technology in Brisbane

One of the modern dental technology innovations at Alderley Dental Brisbane worth talking about is CERECAdvances in dental technologies are ones that patients don’t often realise they are receiving.

Meanwhile dentists will only just confuse and lose patients if they try to explain.

One of the modern dental technology innovations that IS worth talking about is CEREC.

This is because of the huge benefits it offers us as dentists and you, our patients.

Before CEREC – the patient experience

In the past if you visited the dentist for a crown, inlay/ onlay or veneer then this would undoubtedly involve numerous visits to the dentists so that they could take impressions and send models out to have these restorations made. Then back to the dentist when they were ready and more needles to fit the dental restoration to your tooth.

Nowadays – easier for all involved

Alderley Dental has the innovative CEREC 3D machine which makes these custom ceramic restorations onsite and at the time of your visit! We bet that you can easily find us many friends and family who like the sound of coming to the dentist less frequently with less drilling, needles and time in the chair.

Alderley Dental in Brisbane use CERECHow does the CEREC technology work?

First we will use a special 3D camera to take a picture of your tooth that needs to be restored. This is transferred to our computer where we use CAD (Computer Aided Design) software to design your restoration.

This design is then sent to the high-accuracy CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology to create your ceramic dental restoration – while you wait! The final step is when we bond this new restoration to the surface of your tooth. The whole process can now take as short as two hours as opposed to a couple of weeks.

Want to know how CEREC can make the difference to you

Find out more about our other modern and state-of-the-art dental technologies or call us on (07) 3856 2144 to make your appointment and see CEREC in action.