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Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays

The days of waiting for X-Ray film to develop are over. Digital X-rays allow our dentists to capture X-ray images of your mouth, offering several benefits:

  • Digital X-Ray Brisbane - there is less radiation with digital X-Rays so more reason to smile

    There is less radiation with Digital X-Rays

    Lower radiation level

  • Enhanced images
  • Transferable data

Digital X-rays, also called digital radiographs, allow our dentists to see more detail in the structure of your teeth and mouth, which in turn allows for greater accuracy when performing dental repairs.

The benefits of Digital X-Rays for you

Digital X-Rays are also much safer for patients as their radiation exposure is reduced by up to 90%. The images are saved digitally on our computer, which allows for instantaneous retrieval and storage with your patient file over the long term.

If required sending your X-Ray images to other dental specialists is quick and easy.

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