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Full or Partial Dentures

Full and Partial Dentures

Partial and full dentures Brisbane: Dentures are removable artificial teeth and gums. They can be either partial or full dentures depending on your needs and can be either for the top or bottom or both of your mouth.Full and partial dentures are artificial teeth and gums which are generally removable. The dentures are made to be a full or partial depending on what your needs are. They can be made for either the bottom or top of your mouth, or for both.

The colour of your dentures will be made to match your natural teeth and gums by your dentist. Dentures are also custom fit to your mouth, so will become comfortable for you to eat with and talk without impairment.

Partial dentures

Partial dentures are used when there are remaining teeth in a patient’s mouth. The partial denture can either be a permanent fixture or may be removable. A fixed partial denture is known as a bridge.

Full dentures

Full dentures are recommended when a patient is missing all their teeth from with there upper or lower ‘arch’, or sometimes ┬áboth. Full dentures are removable.

Download, view or print our one page Information Sheet (PDF) about Full or Partial Dentures.

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Will it take long for me to get used to my dentures?

After first being fitted with your dentures you may find that you bite the inside of your cheek or tongue when talking or eating. This is totally normal while you are getting used to your new dentures. If you have had any teeth extracted before your dentures were fitted, you may also experience some pain in your gums. While getting used to your new dentures (or dealing with any pain) eat soft, manageable foods.

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