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When people think of cosmetic dentistry, they might have ideas of too-white or fake-looking teeth. You will be happy to know that modern cosmetic dentistry looks completely natural, and is an extension of your personal expression. In short, your new smile will be uniquely yours and something that you and your dentist will design together using Digital Smile Makeover.

Our Technology & Services
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Cosmetic Dentistry

We offer cosmetic services for every smile and budget. You and your Alderley dentist will discuss ways to enhance and improve your smile with teeth whitening, tooth-coloured restorations and teeth replacement options. The possibilities are endless when it comes to your new, perfect smile.

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Porcelain Crown & Veneer

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Porcelain Crown & Veneer

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Dental Implants

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Dental Implants

Modern Technologies For Your First Visit

Our office also incorporates conveniences such as 'happy gas', digital X-rays, intra-oral cameras, and an in-chair TV so that patients can watch a movie overhead during their treatment.

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Welcome to Our Brisbane Practice

Exceptional and gentle dentistry in Brisbane, QLD.

Welcome to Alderley Dental, the privately owned and operated family dental clinic of Dr Robert Zhang, Dr Panny Hou and Dr Lingaiah Dronavalli. We are pleased you found us and look forward to helping you achieve a beautiful, pain-free smile. Our objective is to provide the highest quality of dentistry in Brisbane in a setting where you are comfortable and feel at ease.

We value each patient as an individual and will always intently listen to your concerns and needs, tailoring our dental care to you personally.

We warmly welcome new patients, and if you are due for a dental clean and check-up, or if you are experiencing a urgent issue, we invite you to call our Brisbane, QLD dental clinic. We hope you’ll peruse the information below to learn more about our treatments before you come in for your first appointment.

Dentistry for Patients of All Ages in Brisbane

We treat the whole family—from toddlers to grandparents—and adjust our care to meet the needs of each patient throughout their lives. Once we complete a full evaluation, your Alderley dentist will discuss any problems, along with every treatment option, to help you make an informed choice for the health of your smile.

We are BUPA members first dentists, HCF dentists and a Medibank Private Members Choice dentist. We offer ‘on the spot’ health fund claims with other health funds through our HICAPs facility and interest-free dental payment plans to those patients who want to spread the cost of their treatment over time.

Modern Technologies for Your Visit

We are dedicated to providing each of our patients with the best dental experience using the highest-quality materials and state-of-the-art dental technology.

Our dental clinic also incorporates conveniences such as ‘happy gas,’ digital x-rays, intraoral cameras and an in-chair TV so that patients can watch a movie overhead during their treatment. We want to make it as comfortable as possible for our patients to get the dentistry they need.

Please take a look through our website, get to know us and our approach to your dental care and then we invite you to call us on (07) 3856 2144 for an appointment. We would love to hear from you and appreciate meeting your friends and family.

The Importance of Routine Dental Check-Ups

Routine dental check-ups at our Brisbane dental clinic are important to ensure a patient’s overall dental health, whilst correcting early dental problems and preventing future issues which can be more invasive and costly.

At Alderley Dental we call the dental check-up Active Maintenance because together with you we are actively maintaining excellent dental health care.

Prevention is the most cost-effective foundation for healthy and beautiful teeth. We strongly encourage all our patients to make the every-six-months-appointment commitment. With early detection and remedy of problems, our regular patients spend far less time at the dentist than those who leave visiting the dentist until there is a problem.

Regardless of the procedure, we continually strive to ensure your comfort and safety above all else – working to keep your smiling from year to year.

The Frequency of Dental Appointments

Maintaining a healthy smile is easier and more cost-effective than fixing problems. Visits to the dentist twice a year is recommended for the health and beauty of your smile and chewing function, as this is the optimum frequency for us to catch dental problems early and clean your teeth to prevent problems from arising. It can differ with some patients so we will discuss with you if we think you need to visit more or less often.

We recommend twice-yearly dental check-ups for children, teens, adults and seniors—and even for patients with dentures. Contact Alderley Dental to arrange your next dental visit.

The Impact of Dental Phobia on Your Oral Health

Something’s really not right with your tooth, but you’re too scared to go to the dentist. You might even be dreading it! The dentists at our Alderley, QLD dental surgery will understand your dental phobia and take a gentle approach to get you back into the chair.

We find that people who are afraid of the dentist tend to leave their dental problems until later. This just makes the dental problems worse—and possibly more painful—so they’re more likely to have a negative experience. It becomes a cycle.

For example, early tooth decay can be picked up during routine check-ups at our Alderley, QLD dental surgery and may only require a small filling. Left undetected and untreated, however, the cavity will get bigger, spread to neighbouring teeth and will eventually reach the nerve of the tooth, causing the tooth to become abscessed and be associated with pain, infection and discomfort. At that point, the patient will have to come in straight away and will need to spend time in the chair for more involved procedures like root canal treatments or extractions, further compounding their fear of the dental visit.

Developing a good oral health routine with regular dental visits is the best way to avoid any negative dental experiences and is key to minimising any unnecessary time, money and stress at the dentist. Contact our Alderley dental clinic to learn more.

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

At Alderley Dental, we know everyone wants to have a beautiful smile, but not everyone is happy about a trip to the dentist. Many patients experience dental anxiety that prevents them from regular dental check-ups and cleans, leading to serious oral health conditions.

To put their fears to rest, we take a gentle approach to dental care and pride ourselves in making your dental experience at our Alderley, QLD dental clinic as relaxing and pain-free as possible.

We look after patients of all ages and take special care with those suffering from dental anxiety.

Whether it is time for your next check-up and clean, or you are experiencing a dental emergency, we encourage you to get in touch with our Nundah area dental clinic. Our entire team is dedicated to helping you enjoy stress-free dentistry that you can trust.

Please give us a call on (07) 3856 2144 if you want to discuss how we can help you with your individual circumstances and fears.

We Welcome You to our Local Brisbane Dental Clinic

If you have enjoyed your experience at our Alderley, QLD dental clinic, we hope you will share that with your friends and family. We would be honoured to have referrals to your family and friends. Our commitment is to provide all of our patients with the highest level of dentistry possible.

We proudly serve the communities of Alderley, Enoggera, Grange, Newmarket, Gaythorne, Stafford, Everton Park, Mitchelton, Keperra, Wilston, Windsor, Ashgrove and the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Our dental clinic offers evening hours for the convenience of our busy patients. Our extended hours include Mondays and Thursdays, and we are open from 7:30am to 7:30pm. We want to make it as easy as possible to fit dental appointments into busy schedules.


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