Children's Dentistry in Alderley, QLD

Regardless of your age, we believe that prevention is better than having to do dental treatments. For children and parents, a vital part of this is developing the best routines and habits for lifelong dental health ‘self-care.’Children's Dentistry Alderley, QLD

Many of our patients express anxiety when it comes to the clinic or visits with the dentist that developed through negative experiences when we were younger. 

With the advent of many modern dental technologies, going to the dentist nowadays is not the same experience it was when we were children. Our team is committed to helping children develop positive attitudes toward their dental care and looking after their teeth.

Why Children’s Dental Visits Are Important

To help your kids develop good dental habits and to build a positive association with the dentist, it is a good idea to bring your little ones along with you on your regular visit, or when an older sibling visits us.

Your child can begin regular dental visits as early as six months of age when their first tooth appears, even if it is just to meet the team and take a ride in the chair. Essentially, the earlier and more often your child visits us, the less fearful they are likely to be.

Children’s Check-Ups and Cleans

kids dentist alderley qldIn most cases, we formally begin seeing children from about age three, unless any particular concerns arise. After their first visit, the child should see a dentist every six months for the rest of their life.

Baby teeth, which are sometimes called primary or milk teeth, are important for the healthy development of the child. These teeth act as space holders for adult teeth in the development of the jaw so the premature loss of the baby teeth may result in significant problems such as overcrowding, misaligned teeth, reduced confidence and limited nutritional choices.

If the bacteria that cause decay in children’s teeth are left untreated, not only will cavities cause pain, but will also increase the likelihood of cavities in the adult teeth when they erupt.

The Best Way to Look after Your Child’s Teeth

With anything, it is best to teach good dental health from the start. As a baby with just a couple or no teeth, even a gentle rub of the gums with a warm wet cloth can remove bacteria and any trapped food.

With younger children, there are specific brushes and toothbrushes you can buy; otherwise, use warm water to soften the brush you use. Whilst it is great to give your child a turn at brushing their teeth, mum or dad should always have a turn after to ensure the teeth are clean. This should be done right up until your child is 8-9 years old, as many younger children lack the motor skills to clean their teeth properly.

Be sure to throw out that ‘shaggy dog’ toothbrush as well – it doesn’t clean their teeth well at all!

Want to Book an Appointment for Your Child?

Please call our Stafford, QLD dental clinic on (07) 3856 2144 today. If your child has a dental emergency, please call us as soon as you can. We prioritise dental emergencies to keep children out of pain and feeling their best.

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