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Alderley Dental is conveniently located at the beginning of South Pine Road in Alderley.

We are open late on Monday and Tuesday to 6pm and Thursdays to 8pm. We are also open for a half day on Saturday for your convenience.

Our practice has plenty of free patient parking.Couple on Beach | Dentist Near Me Alderley

Finding Alderley Dental Coming from Brisbane

Finding our dental practice is easy if you are coming from the direction of Brisbane city. It will take between 10-15 minutes. Essentially, you will head out of the city along Petrie Terrace and then onto Kelvin Grove Road which becomes Enoggera Road.

Alderley Dental is located within the Alderley Clinic – where Samford Rd meets South Pine Road. Our practice is located where Enoggera Road splits into Samford Road and South Pine Road. We are conveniently located for residents of Kelvin Grove, Newmarket and Grange.

Our practice will be on your right with the car park accessible via Wakefield St.

Because you can’t turn right into Wakefield you are best to continue down South Pine Road and use either of the next two right turns, Alderley Ave or the Alderley Train Station street, to turn around and head back to 9 South Pine Road.

Finding Alderley Dental Coming from Stafford, Enoggera or Everton Park

We are conveniently located on South Pine Road in Alderley Brisbane. If you are coming from one of the northern suburbs of Brisbane, Alderley Dental is easy to get to and only 5 minutes from Everton Park and Gaythorne. Head south along either South Pine Road or Samford Road and just after the two roads meet turn left into Wakefield street to access our car park immediately to your left.

Heading south from Brisbane’s Northside suburbs we are conveniently located for residents of Enoggera, Mitchelton, Everton Park, Stafford, McDowall or Everton Hills.

Need Help Finding Alderley Dental?

Please give us a call (07) 3856 2144 if you are lost or need more directions to find our practice.

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