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What are the aftercare options once I have my wisdom teeth removed?

What can I take for wisdom teeth pain?

Generally, it’s a combination of Panadol and Nurofen; Panadol has paracetamol to help with the pain, while Nurofen is anti-inflammatory, so it helps keep down the swelling in the area. However, every individual is different, and we’ll tailor your medications to reduce your discomfort.

Looking after yourself and letting your body heal – from what is essentially oral surgery – goes a long way to reducing the post-operative impacts. Take it easy and make sure you’re not going out to play the night afterwards!

Wisdom Tooth Removal Recovery

For a good recovery, the timing of wisdom teeth extraction is important, as is resting adequately to ensure it’s all as seamless and pleasant as possible.

You can talk to the Alderley Dental team about how to care for wisdom tooth extractions post surgery. Try to book it in during your holidays or quiet time. If you can’t, then the best time to do it is on a Friday, so you have the weekend to recover. By Monday or Tuesday, with the aid of minimum painkillers, patients have recovered well enough to get back to work and do what they need to do.

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