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Are root canals painful?

Root canals are judged unfairly as being painful. The reality is much different. A root canal treatment in Alderley is designed to relieve your pain and restore your tooth to better health.

If you need a root canal, it means you have significant damage or a deep infection in your tooth. In some cases, your dentist picks up an emerging root infection during your routine dental exam. In most situations, unfortunately, you won’t know you have an infection until you develop a toothache and other symptoms, including a blister on the gum and swelling. This means a dental emergency in Alderley.

What Happens at a Root Canal Appointment?

At your root canal appointment, your dentist numbs the area, gently extracts the infected tissue and closes the tooth with a temporary filling to promote healing. Many patients report immediate relief. However, you may notice mild tenderness when the numbing agent wears off—not comparable to the pain associated with infection. A pain reliever purchased in your local pharmacy should be sufficient.

Do You Have a Toothache? We Encourage You to Contact Our Brisbane Dental Team

Tooth sensitivity and minor swelling can escalate without treatment. If you notice sensitivity, swelling or other oral health changes, we want to hear from you. A root canal treatment can eliminate your discomfort and restore your tooth to better health in no time.