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How do dentists treat gum disease?

Having a healthy smile means more than straight, stain-free teeth. Even people with the most attractive smiles can suffer from preventable issues like gum disease. 

Bacteria and food can get trapped under the gumline, leading to gum disease, gum infection, bone loss and tissue loss. Excellent oral hygiene and routine dental checkups are vital for maintaining healthy gums and preventing gum disease. 

At Alderley Dental, we put your health and wellness first so you can enjoy a lifetime of comfortable, healthy smiles. Our Brisbane dental practice offers various treatments for gum disease, such as scaling, root planing, antibiotics, replacing defective dental fillings and more.

Scaling is a deep cleaning we perform to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth and below the gumline. After scaling, we perform the root planing to smooth the gum pockets, so they re-adhere around the tooth and prevent bacteria and plaque from re-entering. Your dentist may also prescribe oral or topical antibiotics or dental products to manage gingivitis or periodontal disease. For those with more advanced cases, we can refer you to a trusted, local periodontist. 

We recommend that patients with gingivitis or gum disease visit our dental practice for routine dental cleanings, exams and periodontal maintenance.  

Arrange Periodontal Treatment in Brisbane 

We invite you to contact Alderley Dental for more information about gingivitis treatment in Brisbane. Dr Robert Zhang and our team look forward to welcoming you to Alderley Dental and helping you improve your gum health. 

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