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Will it hurt to have my wisdom teeth removed?

No. First, you’ll be given a local anaesthetic, which is administered with a needle as gently as possible. The anaesthetic will numb the area that we’re working on. After that, you’ll feel a lot of pressure in your mouth, but you won’t feel any pain.

What can I do? I’m scared about being awake through it.

When a patient is having wisdom teeth or any other teeth taken out, they can feel like they’re not in control. We like to mention to them is that they’re the ones in charge. If they need a break or to stop for any reason, they can just pop a hand up, and we’ll pause.

We also have a TV and a lot of people distract themselves from it. You can put on whatever you like to watch, and we’ll make you as comfortable as possible. You can even bring along your own DVD.

However, if the patient is traumatised by it all, then we’d much rather them have a happier experience. We can give them a relaxant such as Valium before the procedure.