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How do I know if I’m having a dental emergency?

There are many types of dental emergencies, and sometimes patients are unsure whether their situation counts as an emergency and should be treated by an emergency dentist in Brisbane. However, you don’t have to spend time worrying about it. Instead, if you think you may be experiencing a dental emergency, the best course of action is generally to call Alderley Dental. 

man holding jaw from pain during a dental emergency in AlderleyWe can offer you advice over the phone on whether your situation is an emergency, and if it is, we can guide you on how to take care of the situation until you reach our practice. If you have suffered trauma, such as a car accident, however, that is an exception. In that case, we recommend that you go to the hospital instead of seeking care from your dentist. Then, after you’ve been treated and stabilised at the hospital, you can contact us for further assistance.

Common Dental Emergencies

Emergency dentists commonly treat the dental emergencies we’ve listed below:

  • Severe or persistent toothaches
  • Sensitive or painful teeth
  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Swelling or bleeding in the mouth
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Damaged dentures
  • Lost or broken fillings, veneers and crowns

If your situation isn’t listed above, that doesn’t mean it’s not an emergency. Dental emergencies include a wide variety of conditions and injuries. 

Emergency Dentist in Brisbane

As a dedicated emergency dentist in Brisbane, Dr Robert Zhang treats patients promptly, working efficiently to relieve pain and remedy his patients’ dental problems. 

We invite you to call us for your emergency dental care. Our skilled and empathetic team will get you in to see Dr Zhang as quickly as possible.