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Can I have my veneers replaced?

Are you considering dental veneers? Or maybe you had them placed years ago, but they don’t seem to look quite the same as they used to. For various reasons, dental veneers generally need replacing at some point in time.

Veneer Replacement in Brisbane, QLD

Dental veneers are a temporary cosmetic treatment that can generally last for years (potentially more than a decade!). A replacement can restore the shine you previously had with your current veneers when that time is up. We can usually replace veneers for some of the following reasons:

  • A fault in the dental cement adhering the veneer to the tooth
  • A cracked veneer
  • Veneers that no longer serve their purpose or have become dislodged
  • A patient’s oral health has deteriorated, and some of the affected teeth have veneers on top of them

What Is the Process for Placing New Veneers?

The first veneer placement generally requires a thorough cleaning, removing a thin layer of enamel, potentially some shaping and then bonding cement followed by the veneer. New veneers typically fit just like the older veneers; some cleaning and removal of bonding cement can prepare the tooth for the new veneer.

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If you think it is time for a new set of dental veneers, we are here to help and warmly invite you to contact our clinic for more details or with questions about dental veneer replacements.