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My wisdom teeth are taking a long time to come through and are occasionally painful. Will they still need to be removed?

In most cases, yes, as it’s generally a sign that there’s not enough space for them to come through. Or the wisdom teeth could be having teething issues, just like when your first adult teeth came through – many of us don’t remember this feeling because it happened when we were a lot younger. As the wisdom teeth poke through the gums, they can sometimes be tender and can take a few weeks to erupt fully. It’s better to seek professional help than to wait and see on your own.

Oral Assessment Before Wisdom Tooth Extraction

It really comes down to an oral assessment to see which basket they fall into – whether it’s something we can keep an eye on, or whether there’s not enough space for them and there’s an infection forming, which means that tooth will need to come out. Digital dental x-rays will help us determine your options.

We Welcome Your Call to Our Alderley Clinic

The best way to find out if you need to have your wisdom tooth or teeth extracted is to contact our Alderley dental practice to arrange a booking for an evaluation. Our dentists have removed hundreds of wisdom teeth comfortably and successfully, protecting our patients’ smiles and oral health.