Are you noticing pressure or crowding in your teeth? Maybe after getting x-rays during your dental exam, your dentist recommended wisdom teeth extraction. Although many patients require the removal of one or more wisdom teeth, a crucial part of the procedure involves sufficient healing and care post-procedure. At Alderley Dental, we make sure our patients undergo their wisdom teeth removals with the highest amount of comfort possible and receive helpful guidance and assistance during the recovery process.

How Does a Wisdom Teeth Extraction Help My Smile?

For many adults, wisdom teeth can stir up quite a few issues in the mouth if allowed to come in fully. Wisdom teeth essentially act as another set of molars that crowd existing teeth in the mouth. Wisdom teeth left in the mouth can negatively impact teeth in several ways:

  • Damage to other teeth
  • Create alignment issues
  • Infection and inflammation of gums
  • Increased risk for cavities and buildup of plaque
  • Potentially create oral health issues in the coming years

A wisdom teeth removal can drastically lower the risk or avoid some of these conditions altogether. Our friendly dental team assists patients in Brisbane and surrounding areas get rid of their wisdom teeth and preparing their smiles for long-term success!

Oral Surgery in Brisbane

Whilst a wisdom teeth extraction requires a surgical operation, some patients may feel anxious about removing their wisdom teeth. Our team goes to great lengths to provide the most comfort possible during any procedure and ease any concerns. We use tools like numbing gels, local anaesthetics, nitrous oxide gas, and sedatives when necessary to ensure a relaxed and painless procedure. In addition, our dental surgeon may take x-rays and request medical records or other information before beginning any surgical procedure to provide the highest level of safety during the process.

The Importance of Recovery Post-Extraction

Great! Your wisdom teeth extraction went flawlessly! What happens next? The following days and weeks of post-extraction require diligent cleaning and upkeep to avoid healing complications. If left uncleaned or neglected, the removal sites in the mouth can undergo infection or other detrimental conditions that include:

  • Continual bleeding
  • Ongoing throbbing pain
  • Fever
  • Noticeable infection
  • Pain accompanied by visible bone or nerves in extraction site (also called dry socket)
  • Unrelenting swelling in gums, face, jaw, or glands in the neck

Best Practices for Tooth Extraction Aftercare

To avoid the conditions listed above, we offer our patients expert advice on keeping their extraction sites clean while preventing infection and minimising pain. Immediately after surgery, patients should apply light pressure on the surgery site with a gauze pad, keep their head elevated, and use ice on the outsides of their cheeks to treat any swelling. Keeping the extraction sites free of food, clean and less prone to infection is crucial in the following days and weeks. Patients can keep their extraction sites clean by:

  • Gently brushing their teeth 
  • Avoiding any touching of the extraction sites with fingers
  • Changing gauze pads as needed
  • Rinsing their mouths multiple times a day, especially after eating
  • Staying well-hydrated and eating mushy, soft foods ‘safe’ for the mouth post-procedure
  • Taking prescribed pain relief medication or preemptive antibiotics under the direction of a dentist
  • Avoiding smoking, consuming hard, crunchy foods or damaging sugary or acidic beverages
  • Taking plenty of time to rest and recover!

Arrange a Dental Appointment in Brisbane

When it comes to wisdom tooth recovery, we aim for the absolute best results for our patients who want to avoid the complications associated with incoming wisdom teeth. If you have enquiries or concerns about the recovery process for yourself or a loved one, we invite you to contact our dental practice. Patients can arrange consultations online or call our friendly team at (07) 3856 2144.

We look forward to preparing you and your smile for success!