Children's Dentistry in Brisbane

In our dental office, your dentist in Alderley believes preventive dentistry is the best course for a healthy smile—true for adults and true for children. Preventive dentistry is proactive, after all, and concentrates on preventing dental problems before they begin.

At Alderley Dental, we also believe in educating children about their oral health and helping them to feel comfortable and unafraid in a dental setting. Besides, we simply adore children and love seeing them get excited about their oral health.

Many of our new patients, especially children, express anxiety when it comes to the clinic or visits with the dentist. In adults, these feelings may have developed through negative experiences when they were younger. For this reason, we make sure your child’s dental experiences are positive. 

With the advent of many modern dental technologies, going to the dentist nowadays is not the same experience it was when we were children. Our team is committed to helping children develop positive attitudes toward their dental care and looking after their teeth. These are our main goals when it comes to children’s dentistry in Alderley, QLD.

Little girl at the dentist in Alderley QLDHow can I help my child feel relaxed about seeing the dentist in Alderley, QLD?

To help your kids develop good dental habits and to build a positive association with the dentist, it is a good idea to bring your little ones along with you on your regular visits, or when an older sibling visits us. If your child sees that you or another family member enjoys the dentist and are not afraid, he or she typically feels more comfortable as well.

Your child can begin regular dental visits as early as six months of age when their first tooth appears, even if it is just to meet the team and take a ride in the chair. Essentially, the earlier and more often your child visits us, the less fearful they are likely to be.

For our part, we are good at engaging with children and helping them feel safe in our dental office. Your dentist in Alderley, QLD will also take the time to keep your child curious and confident about dental care.

At what age should I schedule regular exams for my child?

In most cases, we formally begin seeing children from about age three, unless any particular concerns arise. After their first visit, the child should see a dentist every six months for the rest of their life. However, this schedule may vary based on ongoing dental work or a particular oral health issue. At Alderley Dental, we adjust your child’s schedule to fit his or her needs.

Baby teeth, which are sometimes called primary or milk teeth, are important for the healthy development of the child. These teeth act as space holders for adult teeth in the development of the jaw so the premature loss of the baby teeth may result in significant problems such as overcrowding, misaligned teeth, reduced confidence and limited nutritional choices.

If the bacteria that cause decay in children’s teeth are left untreated, not only will cavities cause pain, but they will also increase the likelihood of cavities in the adult teeth when they erupt.

What types of children’s dentistry in Alderley do you offer?

Our children’s dentistry in Alderley considers the treatments and services that children need most to maintain a healthy smile.

Our preventive dentistry starts with dental exams, teeth cleans and x-rays—x-rays only when needed. Your dentist in Alderley may also add dental sealants or fluoride treatments to the preventive plan if your child is prone to cavities.

A tooth exam and periodic x-rays help your child’s dentist find underlying dental issues before they present as costly or complicated oral health issues. Professional teeth cleans remove the tartar that can lead to tooth decay—tartar that is not easily removed with at-home brushing and flossing alone.

General dentistry in Alderley, QLD concerns itself with reversing dental issues and restoring oral health—a dental filling or tooth-coloured filling to close a cavity, for example.

Our team also keeps close tabs on oral changes to ensure that teeth are developing normally.

How can I best look after my child's smile at home?Mom brushing young girls teeth in alderley qld

With anything, it is best to teach good dental health from the start. As a baby with just a couple or no teeth, even a gentle rub of the gums with a warm wet cloth can remove bacteria and any trapped food.

With younger children, there are specific brushes and toothbrushes you can buy; otherwise, use warm water to soften the brush you use. Whilst it is great to give your child a turn at brushing their teeth, mum or dad should always have a turn after to ensure the teeth are clean. This should be done right up until your child is 8-9 years old, as many younger children lack the motor skills to clean their teeth properly.

Be sure to throw out that ‘shaggy dog’ toothbrush as well—it doesn’t clean their teeth well at all.

You may also consider cutting back on your child’s sugary snacks and acidic beverages to help prevent cavities.

Do you treat dental emergencies in children in Alderley?

At Alderley Dental, we treat dental emergencies in patients of all ages, including children. We make time in our day, and we offer evening hours.

Common dental emergencies include:

  • Infection
  • Toothache
  • Swelling and inflamed face, jaw or gums
  • Deep decay

When it comes to children, tooth trauma during play is one of the most common dental emergencies we see. If your child plays sports, make sure to enquire about the proper face gear and mouth protections. Your Alderley dentist can help.

Children are active by nature, and their little smiles are often prone to accidents. It is any parent’s worst nightmare when their child loses or chips a tooth in an accident, at the park or while playing a sport. We treat all types of children's dental emergencies in our Alderley clinic.

If your child loses the whole tooth, the first thing to do is to keep the tooth moist immediately as we can often re-insert the tooth successfully. Prompt treatment is essential, so contact us right away. Our helpful team will advise you on what to do until you arrive.

Be sure to keep the tooth clean and moist.

We recommend saliva (even placing the tooth back in the socket), or milk. Don’t wrap it up in tissue as it will dry out.

If the tooth is chipped off, then keep the broken piece to bring in as we may be able to bond it back to the tooth. If not, then a filling may be required.

To prevent damage to your little one's smile, we can create a custom mouthguard to absorb impacts during sport and play. Custom mouthguards fit better than store-bought generic guards and improve your child's ability to breathe freely during play.

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