Digital Smile Makeover in Alderley, QLD

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Imagine you could take a photo of your smile, then Photoshop your teeth to see the smile you’ve always wanted before you’ve ever had any dental work! Well, now you can design your dream smile with the amazing Digital Smile Makeover at Alderley Dental, your Brisbane cosmetic dentist.

What exactly is digital smile makeover?

Digital Smile Makeover uses the latest in dental technology and is changing the way we help patients achieve their desired smile. The Digital Smile Makeover process begins by taking images of your smile to assess your teeth and the way they relate to your face. These images are used to design your smile makeover – changing the arrangement of your teeth, their shape and colour. After you’ve made any modifications you want to your smile design, the dentist can use these conceptual images to plan the cosmetic dentistry procedures you’ll need to achieve your new smile.

How does it work?

There are several steps to Digital Smile Makeover at our Alderley, QLD dental surgery, which we’ve outlined below.

Discuss your ideal smile and take images.

Our Alderley, QLD cosmetic dentist will take impressions of your teeth; this will give them an understanding of your smile and how Digital Smile Makeover can help you achieve your ideal smile transformation. During your initial Digital Smile Makeover consultation, you and your dentist will talk about the smile you want and how Digital Smile Makeover can help you achieve this.

We’ll take digital photos, videos and 3-D scans of your mouth. This will give us an understanding of your smile in motion and emotion—the way your teeth, gums, lips and face all work together. We’ll also take moulds of your teeth.

Design your smile.

Digital Smile Makeover will help achieve the best dental makeover for our Brisbane dental patients. These images are sent to specialists, who put them into a Digital Smile Makeover computer program which designs a smile for you, making suggestions of which cosmetic alterations will help achieve it.

Once you approve your 2-D smile design, a dental technician makes a 3-D model in the form of a flexible rubber mock-up.

Test-drive your Digital Smile Makeover.

This is the exciting part! Now you can come in and finally see what your smile could look like. All you have to do is pop the rubber mock-up over your teeth and try it out in the mirror. You will be able to see your smile transformation right there in our Alderley, QLD dental clinic.

Then you can talk to your dentist about any changes you’d like to make.

Decide to go ahead with your Digital Smile Makeover.

Digital Smile Makeover offers cosmetic dentistry options at our Brisbane dental clinic for achieving your ideal smile. At this point, you can choose to proceed or not; it’s entirely up to you.

If it’s ‘yes,’ you and your dentist can talk about your treatment plan, that is, which cosmetic dentistry options you can choose to achieve your ideal smile, as well as your budget. The cost of your Digital Smile Makeover is deducted from the treatments you decide to proceed with.

Begin your treatment plan.

The options can include one or several of these: veneers, dental implants, dental crowns, teeth whitening, tooth-coloured fillings, inlays and onlays or dentures.

The result? The smile you’ve always wanted—and that you helped to create!

How much does Digital Smile Makeover cost?

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We are pleased to offer a special offer for Digital Smile Makeover. The cost for a consultation and to design your smile (including a rubber mock-up) is $600. After your Digital Smile Makeover, if you decide to proceed with treatment, we will deduct the $600 from the cost of your treatment. The cost for a discussion on treatment options and putting together a programme for you, along with its cost variations, is included with the consultation portion of the process.

If you have more questions about Digital Smile Makeover in Alderley, QLD, we welcome your call on (07) 3856 2144.

A smile makeover can include any number of combinations of cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures at our Brisbane dental clinic, including teeth veneers, dental implants, crowns, cosmetic bonding, teeth whitening, tooth-coloured filling or dentures. Two cosmetic dental treatments that tend to provide the most dramatic results are porcelain teeth veneers and dental implants.

Porcelain teeth veneers. Porcelain veneers are dental restorations that resemble thin shells that look like the front of natural teeth.

Porcelain veneers can improve a single tooth or give you an entirely new look. Alderley Dental in Brisbane can help.

People often think of veneers as like little false fingernails that fit over your teeth to improve their appearance. Like false fingernails, veneers are glued to the front of the tooth surface, which remains underneath. The result is that the tooth is not significantly altered, but gains a new appearance – a new shape, size and a whiter colour.

Veneers placed in our Alderley, QLD dental clinic can close gaps between teeth, make them look more aligned and even add length to worn teeth.

Veneers are more conservative than full crowns and require the removal of less healthy tooth structure. Many patients opt for them on teeth that are visible when they smile.

Veneers are a great dental solution for people who have:

• Crooked or uneven teeth or teeth alignment • Chipped or irregular teeth • Gaps or uneven spacing between teeth • Discoloured or stained teeth or fillings when tooth whitening is not an option • Veneers can give your face a younger, fuller appearance and complement your facial structure for natural-looking results.

If your teeth are too weakened for veneers, we can recommend alternative such as dental crowns.

Dental implants. If you have lost a tooth, a dental implant in our Alderley, QLD dental clinic is a great option because it replaces the whole tooth, including the tooth root, as well.

A dental implant is a thin post implanted in your gum. This post is meant to bond with your jawbone over a period of months. When fusing is complete, you are ready for your restoration tooth. Because this is a complete replacement, you may be spared jawbone shrinkage, which can happen when you lose a tooth, and there is no root to keep the bone viable. Your implant post is your new tooth root.

At Alderley Dental in Brisbane, we take special care to colour your new tooth replacement to match your surrounding teeth as well.

If you have full tooth loss or many missing teeth, you may also benefit from an implant-supported denture or stabilised bridge. Ideally, a few dental implants should be enough to support a bridge or denture.

It is essential to take care of your implants by brushing and flossing daily and making regular appointments for dental check-ups and cleans in our Alderley, QLD dental clinic.

How can I book my initial Digital Smile Makeover consultation?

Changing your smile can be a huge milestone in your life and, at Alderley Dental, we bring you the latest in dental technology, service and quality with Digital Smile Makeover. To book your Digital Smile Makeover appointment or discuss this option, call our Stafford, QLD clinic on (07) 3856 2144 today. Our dental clinic is located on Brisbane’s northside.