Tooth Extractions

Patients require tooth extractions for a variety of reasons, and we understand that the idea of having a tooth removed can be frightening. At Alderley Dental, we use a gentle approach to tooth removal, and many times patients are surprised by the simplicity of tooth extraction and the fast recovery.

The reasons you may need a tooth extraction include:

  • Severe decay or trauma
  • Before a specific treatment
  • Troublesome wisdom teeth

Your gentle dentist in Alderley, QLD makes sure the treatment location is completely numb before beginning work. We also offer nitrous oxide, which is a relaxing gas that produces feelings of tranquillity. But if you suffer from severe anxiety, we may prescribe a sedative before your treatment. In this instance, you will need transport because you should not drive, and we also suggest not making any important decisions or signing any documents on treatment day as you will be altered.

Dental Extractions for Decay and Trauma

In some cases, severe decay and trauma to a tooth are too widespread for a dental filling or tooth crown. In these situations, your dentist recommends extraction.

With severe decay and trauma, you will likely have a toothache. If you do notice pain or swelling, we urge you to contact our dental clinic to arrange an emergency dental appointment in Alderley.

Extractions Before Specific Treatment

Sometimes your dentist recommends extraction if your jaw is too small to accommodate all of your teeth—before orthodontics, for example.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Alderley, QLD

Your wisdom teeth come in at the back of your mouth—four in all—long after your adult teeth have established their positions on your jaw. In some cases, wisdom teeth erupt without issue, but often they cannot find room on your jaw, so they push on your established and necessary teeth and only partially erupt.

When wisdom teeth encroach, it can be painful, and partial eruption leaves you vulnerable to infection. In these cases, your dentist recommends extraction—sometimes on all four of these teeth. The good news is that you don’t need wisdom teeth to enjoy a full and functioning smile.  

For wisdom teeth removal, we take x-rays to look at your underlying oral structure. Your dentist looks at nerve placement and how the roots are positioned to extract with precision and ease.

Following extraction and your numbing agent wearing off, you may notice some pain and swelling. You can control this with a shop-bought pain reliever recommended by your dentist or physician. And these symptoms typically do not last very long—a few days.

Do You Need a Gentle Tooth Extraction in Alderley?

A painful tooth should be evaluated by your dentist as soon as possible, and we encourage your call.

And remember—if your dentist recommends tooth extraction due to decay, we offer tooth replacement options, including dental implants, to restore your smile.

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