If you have missing teeth and are considering tooth replacement, you will find a lot of options available. However, nothing mimics a natural tooth like a dental implant. It is the only tooth restoring system that replaces your tooth and its valuable root.

Besides being similar to a natural tooth, a dental implant may also have aesthetic and oral health benefits that you can’t get with other options.

Your dentist in Alderley, QLD offers dental implants and implant-retained prosthetics to help you restore your smile.

How Dental Implants Benefit You

When teeth are lost, your jawbone naturally deteriorates because roots are no longer there for stimulation. This can cause a misaligned bite and even contribute to gum disease later on. Bone loss may also lead to a sunken appearance around the lower face.

Additionally, missing teeth—even at the back of the mouth—often lead to tooth migration. This means your remaining teeth slide toward convenient openings in your smile. Over time, you may notice worn teeth, a misaligned bite and even dental cavities and fractures.

Another benefit of dental implants is that they are easy to care for. They do not require added steps during your oral hygiene routine or extra visits to your Alderley dentist. You brush and floss as usual and visit your dentist for regular dental exams and teeth cleans.

Finally, dental implants may last for decades or even for life with proper and careful care. Even if you have to replace the crown on your implant, the post itself bonds naturally to your jawbone.

How Dental Implants in Alderley, QLD Work

The dental implant is a replacement root that your dentist surgically places in your jaw. It integrates with the bone over time and becomes part of your dental anatomy. This system, after several months of integration, creates a solid foundation for your dental crown.

A few strategically placed dental crowns may also support a prosthetic like a denture.

Are You Ready for a New Smile?

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