If you have missing teeth and are considering tooth replacement, good for you! A full smile may boost your self-esteem, but that’s only the beginning. A full set of teeth also promote healthier eating and improved oral health.

In our dental clinic, we offer dental implants and dental bridges. In some ways, these options are similar, but there are key differences as well.

Dental Implants in Alderley for a More Permanent Solution

A dental implant replaces your missing tooth root, and it is the only option that offers this important distinction. This makes dental implants a more natural and lasting solution compared with other options. The replacement root may also stimulate your jawbone to prevent bone loss and the resulting sunken appearance to your lower face.

Your Alderley dentist surgically implants the restoring root, and it integrates with your bone over a few months. When the process finishes, you are ready for your replacement tooth. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying a more diverse diet, including crunchy vegetables.

For significant tooth loss, ask your dentist about implant-supported restorations—a few dental implants supporting a bridge or denture.

Dental Bridges in Alderley Complete Your Smile

A dental bridge is similar to a dental implant because it replaces missing teeth, allows you to diversify your diet and contributes to better oral health. However, a bridge does not replace your lost tooth root or stimulate your jawbone to remain viable.

A dental bridge is a restoration that holds a replacement tooth between dental crowns. Your dentist caps teeth on either side of your smile gap, allowing the restoring teeth to fill the space.

For Tooth Replacement, We Are Here for You

Tooth replacement is important to your long-term oral health—as it prevents your remaining teeth from shifting, throwing off your bite and contributing to wear and even future fractures.

To get started, we encourage you to reach out to a team member to arrange your consultation.