Dentists have a selection of materials that they can use to remedy any pain or sensitivity caused by cavities or other dental issues requiring a filling. Although all of them are effective as fillings, they are all unique in different regards.

Gold Fillings

Gold serves as an excellent option for fillings due to its high level of malleability, durability and longevity, with the ability to last even longer than silver amalgam.

Silver Amalgam

When it comes to fillings, silver amalgam is a popular option tested over time and used on patients worldwide. This alloy is composed of a mixture of silver and other metals, including tin, copper, and mercury, and can often stay in place for around 15 years before any replacement is required.

Composite Resin (Tooth-Coloured) Fillings

These filings are another popular option among patients because they can easily blend in with the natural colour of your teeth. Still, despite its cosmetic advantages, composite resin fillings don’t tend to last as long as metal fillings do, as they are more susceptible to wear and tear and can ultimately break over time.

Ceramic Fillings

Generally made from porcelain, ceramic fillings are a durable investment when it comes to fillings. They typically last longer than composite resin fillings, are of a similar colour to your teeth, and can resist staining over time. Ceramic fillings are also a popular, long-lasting option for dental fillings.

Glass Ionomer

Potentially the weakest variety of filling, glass ionomer is a type of tooth cement or paste that hardens and then actively seals off a cavity from the rest of the tooth. The paste consists of silicate glass powder. It also serves as an adhesive in other dental procedures. Glass ionomer may be used as a temporary filling and can roughly last five years.

Dental Fillings in Alderley

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