The short answer is yes; Brisbane dentists can bulk bill for eligible patients. As a Brisbane dentist, we bulk bill for our eligible patients under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS).

In 2014, the Australian government launched the CDBS to cover basic dental care for eligible children between the ages of 2 and 17.

Services covered under the CDBS include:

  • 6-month cleans
  • X-rays (if needed)
  • Fillings
  • Fissure sealants
  • Extractions
  • Root canal treatment

Unfortunately, CDBS does not cover orthodontics, dental crowns, or other more complex dental treatments. In total, the benefit allows up to $1000 per child for every two-year period.

How Do I Know If My Child Is Eligible?

If you are unsure whether your child is eligible for basic dental treatments under the CDBS, we welcome a phone call. We will be happy to discuss your child’s eligibility so we can let you know whether or not their basic care is covered.

Basic qualifications include falling within the 2-17 age range, being eligible for Medicare, and receiving at least one payment a year for a benefit from the Australian government. For more eligibility information, you can visit the Australian Government Services website.

What Other Payment Options Are Available?

If your child is not eligible for bulk billing under the CDBS, or if they require dental treatment that is not covered under the CDBS, we have other payment options available to help you.

At Alderley Dental, we are happy to have two dental financing partners, MacCredit and Denticare. These partnerships allow us to offer two interest-free payment options to our patients. Payment plans make paying for treatments easier and more convenient for many of our patients because they don’t have to pay the treatment cost in a lump sum. Instead, they can split the treatment cost into small, monthly payments over a period of months or even years.

We are also happy to process claims for patients with private insurance or patients who are members of major health funds.

Affordable Dentist in Brisbane

At Alderley Dental, we want all our patients to be able to afford their dental treatments comfortably, which is why we offer a variety of payment options.

If you have any questions about paying for your dental treatments, our friendly team will be happy to answer them. Please just contact us for further information.