Does someone you know keep everyone in the house awake at night with loud snoring? Or maybe a partner or housemate let you know that your snoring keeps them awake at night. Whatever the situation, addressing sleep apnoea can help everyone sleep easier! Those suffering from sleep apnoea also put their greater health at risk by leaving their condition untreated.

What Are My Treatment Options?

At Alderley Dental, we understand how oral health affects the rest of the body. Sleep apnoea commonly affects many patients but is also very treatable. Depending on the patient, two treatments can successfully treat the symptoms associated with sleep apnoea.

  • CPAP (continuous positive air pressure) is a time-tested, highly effective treatment that provides a constant oxygen flow for patients via facemask while they sleep.
  • Our practice offers an alternative treatment called SomnoMed that allows patients to forego using a cumbersome face mask. Instead of an external oxygen flow, the SomnoMed delivers Continually open airway therapy (COAT) with an oral appliance that gently brings the lower jaw forward, allowing for a more opened airway and less blockage by the tongue.

Sleep Apnoea Treatment in Alderley, QLD

Whilst CPAP provides excellent results for many patients across Australia and worldwide, we recommend the SomnoMed oral appliance to some of our patients who suffer from mild to moderate sleep apnoea. Some benefits include:

  • Eliminated need for a face mask, machine and tube at night, as patients may remove the mask during sleep.
  • SomnoMed gives patients a custom, easy to wear option that can help them sleep easier.
  • Patients can enjoy consistent sleep with an open airway, potentially eliminating fatigue during the day and helping others in their households sleep easier at night.

Contact Your Friendly Alderley Dentist

If loud snoring at night keeps you, loved ones, or housemates awake at night, we are here to help. We invite patients suffering from sleep apnoea to contact our friendly team for advice and treatment options for a better night’s sleep and improvement in overall health. Contact us for your appointment at Alderley Dental.