Do you brush your teeth every day, use mouthwash and floss but still don’t see the expected results? Many people take great care of their teeth and oral health but still notice a lack of brightness in their smiles. For those who want to take the next step in preserving their cosmetic appearance, teeth whitening can generally serve as a viable and convenient option.

Cost of Teeth Whitening in Brisbane

If you speak with a dentist in Brisbane, Nundah or surrounding areas about the cost of teeth whitening, you’ll most likely find that the pricing varies for several reasons:

  • Some practices offer whitening services performed in-house, while others offer their patients products for at-home treatment (costs vary for each type of procedure). For instance, we provide an in-home treatment that uses a custom mouthpiece called a ‘tray’ to help facilitate the process.
  • Everyone has different teeth! Some may require more time or a modified procedure that is longer or shorter compared to other patients.
  • Teeth whitening is a temporary procedure, and depending on a patient’s desires, the overall cost may increase due to repeat treatments over a more extended period.
  • Depending on a patient’s oral health state, a dentist may recommend other procedures before teeth whitening is feasible. Whilst these procedures can prepare a patient’s mouth for teeth whitening, adding them can extend the overall process and incur additional costs.
  • Teeth whitening is specific to each patient’s teeth and requires professional guidance and advice throughout the procedure; these variations are not a ‘blanket price’ and affect varying costs.

Contact Our Brisbane Dental Clinic for Whitening

Due to so many variables that can affect the cost, one of the best ways to accurately determine the price of a teeth whitening procedure is by arranging a consultation. Our dentists are here to help answer any questions and hear any concerns around a teeth whitening system and can best direct you on the specifics of the process and pricing. We warmly invite you to contact us for more information regarding teeth whitening.