Have you noticed a tooth that seems a bit different from the rest? Maybe this tooth is damaged or weakened due to decay, dental trauma, or worn down.  After a while, dealing with a weakened tooth might become annoying or even lead to other potentially worse problems down the line. A common treatment for a weakened tooth is a dental crown.

Dental Crowns in Brisbane, QLD

We provide dental crowns to our patients in greater Brisbane and surrounding areas. Generally speaking, a dental crown procedure has two steps:
1. The weakened tooth requires preparation through shaping and also needs an impression to create the crown to match the rest of the teeth around it.
2. After the crown is ready, a dentist can properly fit and place the crown while making sure it looks and functions correctly with the rest of the mouth.

CEREC Same-Day Tooth Crowns

A dental crown process generally requires two visits to the dentist, potentially with a week or two in between due to crown fabrication. We understand how important time can be when it comes to scheduling appointments. For that reason, we proudly offer CEREC same-day tooth crowns to save our patients time while still delivering high-quality results. Our CEREC dental crown process entails the following:

1. Our dentist takes a digital impression of a patient’s mouth
2. This impression transfers into a computer
3. The computer sends the information from the digital impression to our milling machine, where it creates dental crowns on-site!

With our CEREC same-day tooth crowns, our patients can be in and out of our clinic with a new crown in just one day!

We Invite You to Contact Our Brisbane Dental Clinic

Are you interested in saving time while still achieving desired results when it comes to your oral health? If so, we invite you to contact our clinic for more information on CEREC same-day tooth crowns, and our team is more than happy to help!