At Alderley Dental, we love welcoming families into our practice. We know how convenient it is for the families who see us to receive all their dental care under one roof. They can book appointments on the same dates so they can make fewer dental visits overall, making dental care easier to fit into their busy schedules.

There are many other benefits, in addition to the incredible convenience, that leads people to seek family dental care over other options.

Why Choose a Family Dentist?

When it comes to your child’s dental care, you want them to have the best. And you also want to have a good relationship with your child’s dentist.

When you have a family dentist, you share the same dentist as your children and have the opportunity to develop a unique relationship with the entire dental team. Since you’re receiving your own dental care with them, you can ensure that it’s the best care possible for your little ones because you’ve experienced it firsthand. You also have much more time to get to know the team, building a strong relationship.

Additionally, when you go to the dentist as a family, it sets an excellent example for the youngest family members. They can accompany their parents and siblings when they have their teeth cleaned and examined or when they receive other services, like fillings, that they may need at some point as well. This can help make the child more comfortable in the dental practice.

Family Dentist Near Me Brisbane

Our experienced team at Alderley Dental will get to know each member of the family on a personal level, and we customise their treatments to suit their dental needs. We provide the range of services necessary to help everyone (from the older member of your family to the youngest) enjoy exceptional oral health and beautiful smiles.

If you need a family dentist in Alderley or a nearby community, such as Brisbane, Grange, Newmarket or Nundah, we may have the dentist you’ve been looking for. Dr Robert Zhang has extensive experience and knowledge, and he’s a friendly, gentle dentist who loves working with families.

We invite you to contact us on (07) 3856 2144 to arrange your first visit with Dr Zhang.